Twist Dynamics Blue Fire Double Adjustable Shock Set Installed on a Dealer Package base model Slingshot

Mastering the Road: The Advantages of Aftermarket Double-Adjustable Shocks Versus OEM Shocks



When it comes to enhancing the performance and handling of your vehicle, the debate between aftermarket double-adjustable shocks and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) shocks is a common one. While OEM shocks serve their purpose, aftermarket options provide a level of customization and performance that can significantly elevate your driving experience.


  1. Precision Tuning for Your Driving Style:


  • Aftermarket double-adjustable shocks offer a unique advantage – the ability to finely tune your suspension system according to your specific driving style and preferences. Whether you crave a smooth ride for daily commuting or aggressive handling for spirited drives, the double-adjustable feature allows you to customize both compression and rebound settings. This precision tuning ensures that your vehicle's suspension is optimized for your unique driving demands.


  1. Enhanced Control and Stability:


  • One of the primary benefits of aftermarket double-adjustable shocks is the improved control and stability they provide. By independently adjusting compression and rebound, these shocks allow you to find the perfect balance between handling and comfort. This level of control becomes especially crucial during high-speed cornering or sudden maneuvers, providing a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.


  1. Adaptability to Changing Conditions:


  • Driving conditions can vary significantly – from smooth highways to bumpy backroads. Aftermarket double-adjustable shocks excel in adapting to these changing conditions. The ability to modify suspension settings allows you to tailor your ride on the fly, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the road surface. This adaptability enhances overall driving confidence and comfort.


  1. Extended Lifespan and Durability:


  • While OEM shocks are designed to meet general driving needs, aftermarket options often feature superior build quality and materials. The increased durability of double-adjustable shocks means they can withstand more demanding driving conditions, providing a longer lifespan compared to OEM shocks. This not only improves your driving experience but also represents a sound long-term investment.


  1. Performance Gains and Increased Resale Value:


  • Upgrading to aftermarket double-adjustable shocks can translate into tangible performance gains. Improved handling, responsiveness, and comfort contribute to an overall enhanced driving experience. Additionally, vehicles equipped with high-quality aftermarket shocks often command higher resale values, making the initial investment a wise choice for those considering the long-term value of their vehicle.




While OEM shocks may suffice for the average driver, those seeking to unleash the full potential of their vehicle often turn to Twist Dynamics aftermarket double-adjustable shocks.  The ability to fine-tune suspension settings, coupled with improved control and adaptability, and the option to select from an assortment of Polaris colors via our high-quality powder-coating process provides a driving experience that goes beyond the capabilities of stock shocks. Consider investing in Twist Dynamics aftermarket shocks to transform your driving dynamics and take your vehicle's performance to new heights.    

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