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Polaris Slingshot Year

The new, upgraded Twist Dynamics 2.0 Chaser LED Kit is FINALLY in stock and ready to ship!!!


You gave your feedback and as a result we took the original 20/30 piece chaser kit design back to the drawing boards and produced a more efficient, more durable version of its popular all-inclusive Polaris slingshot chaser kit.  This new version allows for better protection against rock/debris strikes when traveling down the road while simultaneously providing even better protection from the elements AND we were able to accomplish all of this while utilizing a more flexible outer housing for the LED strips, which allows for an even easier installation process than the original setup.  With several hundred lighting options and sequences available for you to control from the convenient app on your phone, pound for pound this kit is sure to impress and turn heads where ever you go.


This upgraded version (2015-2019) includes:


1) six (6) halo lights (100MM x4 and 80MM x2)

2) four (4) 3ft undergrow strips

3) six (6) wheel ring strips

4) two (2) splitter strips

5) two (2) rear accent strips

6) one (1) control module with built in remote receiver


*Please call ahead for more information on the 2020+ chaser LED kit components. 


Some of the upgrades include:


1) More flexible, tougher waterproof housing

2) thicker gauge wiring

3) reinforced connection points

4) control module pairs with app on phone (no more separate remotes!)


The Twist Dynamics Wheel Ring Kit is sold separately*

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