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Stripe Colour


Let’s be honest with one another, no one wants to be sold a knock-off product at a premium price while being told that they’re purchasing the real thing.  With Twist Dynamics Welter Performance, you never have to worry about encountering that unpleasant experience.  Our product lines are some of the most well-built, longest-lasting, most recognizable/iconic designs that exist in the Polaris Slingshot market.  We’ve been creating, testing, manufacturing and perfecting our designs since the infancy of this industry (2015) and throughout that time, and due to an extreme amount of hard work, we’ve positioned ourselves as the Premier leader in both aftermarket roof and exhaust systems for the Polaris Slingshot.  In fact, we’re so good at what we do that several other knock-off brands and look-alikes have popped up over the years, inspired by our incredible designs and craftmanship.  To tell you the truth, we’re absolutely flattered by all the imitation because it means we’ve done our jobs really well!  That being said, we want to make sure that slingshot owners and new, perspective customers alike have a full, transparent and comprehensive understanding of the market and the products that they intend to spend their hard-earned cash on.  Our roof and exhaust designs are the first of their kind, and while many have tried to imitate the look of our products, no one has succeeded in replicating the quality of work and the craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of our product builds.  Our years of expertise in design and implementation and the sheer volume of units that we’ve successfully distributed to the slingshot community give us a working knowledge of the industry that cannot be replicated.  Not only are we able to continually out-perform the competition, but we can out-price them as well.  We never want to see someone pay more than they should for a look-alike product.  As such, we’ve made it our goal to ensure that every slingshot owner has the opportunity to acquire THE premium roof or exhaust system of their dreams, while paying less for it than what the imitation is offered for.  We here at Twist Dynamics Welter Performance value quality and longevity and wants to do our part to ensure that every slingshot owner has the opportunity to receive just that!



Our Gull Wing Roof System is the first of its kind and has stood the test of time as the most popular aftermarket roof system on the market since 2015.  Featuring a 1.25" tubing with an outside diameter of 1.66" and an inside diameter of 1.38", the frame is made from 6063 Aluminum in our state-of-the-art CNC 2-axis bending machine and is TIG-welded proudly by hand in the USA. The removable, transparent dark-tinted glass is made of Lexan and provides shade and clear visibility through the top of the roof.   This one-of-a-kind design gives the rider(s) all of the protection from the elements that they require, while still allowing for that open-air feel that attracts so many to this style of vehicle to begin with.  The T-top wings on both the driver and passenger side of the system open and close for entry and are removable for a true T-Top feel for your vehicle.  Just store the removable panels at home or behind the seat (covered to protect the Lexan, of course) and you’re ready to ride.  What’s more, this entire roof system can be completely installed or uninstalled in about 15 minutes!  Meaning, you can quickly get rid of that overhead coverage altogether and get back to the basics on a moment’s notice, if need be.  Take advantage of our industry-leading color-match formulation system and choose from an array of colors that will allow this premium roof system to perfectly round out the overall look of your bike, while supplying that extra protection from the elements you desire!



Gloss Black units are typically in stock and available for immediate shipment year-round (some exceptions may apply during peak season).  Other color options generally have a 4–5-week lead time associated with the order.



2015 - 2022 (With square roll hoops): All Models


15-30 minutes


*This roof system was not designed for and is not intended to be used as a roll-cage or crash support in the event of an accident.  The only purpose of this roof system is to provide coverage from the elements.  The manufacturer in no way claims that this roof is intended to prevent injury in the event of an accident.


*Please note that actual color may vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.

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